Strengthening of School Clubs


The organization works with various schools in various programs among them is the establishing of Anti Child Marriage Clubs.

Under these clubs, children address issues affecting them, it’s a platform for children to share information and draw strategies for advocating against various issues that are affecting them. Among them are Gender Based Violence, Sexual Harassments, Child Marriages or commercial sex exploitation of children. It is a platform that creates an opportunity for them to learn on what measures they should take when they are found to be victims of such vices because they are also provided with steps taken when reporting such vices. They are not only given such information alone but they are also innovative and they do craft works  for communication purposes.

They address other fellow learners through public address while on assembly at school.

This approach on its own has proved to be helpful as one of the schools has reported to have recorded a zero pregnancy rate since January.

We  Highly APPRECIATE GFC’s support.

We have increased the number of clubs and strengthened the old ones through the  trainings and orientation of new members.

Zikomo, Twatasha, Twalumba GFC

Girls Education

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