What We Do

What we do

The organization applies multiple approaches towards the implementation of child and youth focused activities. 

Establishing of Anti Child Marriage Clubs in schools

 Acrobatic Performances by our Acrobatic Team

 Sporting Events for young people

 Education Support for vulnerable children

 Production and distribution of Information, Education and Communication Materials such as: 

T/shirts, Posters, Car Stickers, Training of Peer Educators or Advocates of Change.

How we choose our beneficiaries

The organization works closely with established community structures such as organization volunteers, community welfare assistance committees under the Social Welfare Department through a standardized clear and well elaborated selection form which is used and recommended by the government through the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare.

4 Steps are taken

Volunteers and Committee Identifies the child in need of support.

Volunteers and Committee Recommends based on the scores on the score sheet.

Organization Verifies and approves the support for the child.

Organization provides support to the child based on the recommended support needed.