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There is nothing quite like Christmas to bring out the kid in everyone. For millions of children all over the world who don’t have a proper home and family, the holiday season isn’t something to celebrate. With this project we hope to spread joy and bring a smile to the faces of these children during various holidays.

During this 2020 holiday season, with support from multiple generous donors, YSI was able to raise $1,800 and provided holiday gifts to 60 children/parents in need. We are extremely grateful for these donors who helped us put a smile on these beautiful little faces.

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CLASSROOM FURNITURE FOR SCHOOL (Jnana Nidhi School, Raghudevapuram, AP, India)

Children spend one quarter of a day in school and of this 60-80% of time is spent in the classroom. Having proper classroom furniture and environment plays an important role in children’s growth and performance.

Since the classroom is an influential part of a student’s life, we helped Jnana Nidhi school which is striving to provide quality education to underprivileged students in remote village of Andhra Pradesh with a grant to buy new furniture for the classrooms.


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